Very early on in my college career, it was impressed on me to have a few deep roots rather than be spread out thin when it comes to extracurriculars. This means to be fully committed and completely involved in one or two things rather than being half involved in say 5 or 6 things.
This philosophy has completely changed my college expierence

XA Christian Fellowhsip


Year 1

  • Commited to and participated in a Core Group all year
  • Attended weekly worship service
  • Attended all social events
  • Participated in a Discipleship Group

Year 2

  • Led a first year core group of about 10 students
  • Planned weekly bible studies with my two co leaders
  • Attended weekly worship service
  • Helped to put on and attended all social events
  • Discipled members of the core group on a weekly basis
  • Planned and led summer XA in Charlottesville

Year 3

  • Leading a first year core group again with similar responsibilites as last year

City Church

  • I volunteer at a local church in Charlottesville on Sundays for their set up and tear down team